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The Stages of Child Growth

Wed, 04/21/2010 - 6:41PM by gcmontessori 0 Comments -

Every child is unique but in some aspects like growth, their milestones are similar. As a child is born, parents eagerly watch their progress, anticipating every inch of growth and just every child development milestone. But how can parents determine if their child is growing and developing properly? Well, basically, you must understand that a child’s physical growth refers to the increase in height and weight and other prevalent body changes that occur as the child ages. Of course common indicators are – the growing extremities, teeth comes in and out and as puberty hits.  This is basically the normal growth process.

Given all the growth that occurs as a child ages, it is essential for parents to know and understand a child’s growth milestone. Some parents may wonder why their child doesn’t seem to rapidly grow. This is just a normal thing because after age 1, a child’s growth in length considerably slows and by 2 years, growing in height usually continues at about two inch and a half and this continues per year and until adolescents. It must be noted that no child grows in a very steady rate throughout this stage. But it is normal that he or she grows fast today and slows down after weeks or months alternately with mini ‘growth spurts’. Major growth happens in puberty, which is at age 8-13 for girls and 10 to 15 years in boys.

Aside from the physical growth that occurs from birth to adolescence, socio-emotional, cognitive, and other areas of learning also occurs. So, it is important for parents to nurture their needs and be able to assist them throughout their developmental stage. A child that is well-guided and well provided with proper learning tools is usually the ones that become achievers. For more comprehensive information about early child learning, check out a good Montessori site.

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